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April 14, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and ideologically sensitive material)
Bill sighed loudly as he sat alone in the tour bus, looking over the enormous pile of fan mail he had been sent. The letters and boxes overflowed from the monumental pile. It had been about two hours since he was given the vast amount of mail, and he hadn't even put so much as a dent in the ocean of letters.

Bill sighed as he continued to remove the letters from their envelopes. The rest of the band were out shopping and looking for girls while he had to open all of his and their fan mail.

At least he was comfortable; he was only dressed in his favorite black boxers and a shirt that was slightly loose on him. He almost looked ready to go to bed.

Bill threw down another envelope and stuck his delicate hand into the large pile. He dug around for a second, until he grabbed a small box. He removed his hand from the heap and studied the box.

It was very petite, only fitting in the palm of his hand. It was a dark reddish-purple, and had a pink bow tied around it, sealing the box. There was a tag attached to said bow. Bill lifted the tag and found writing on the back.

"There may be plenty of boys out there…but to me, there is always more to love when it comes to you…"

Bill read that line over and over again. It was cute, but still, he had heard it all. He then looked around for a signature but he never found one. It was strange; usually the fans signed their names.

Bill slowly undid the pink bow, curious to see the present that was inside. He lifted the lid and placed it beside him on the couch. Inside was a cluster of gummy candies surrounded by velvet lining.

Bill smiled. Gummy candies were his favorite, and he loved the decorative box that accompanied them. Whoever sent this, they really went all out, Bill thought.

But then, Bill remembered a rule that Saki, their security guard, had told him and the band: "Never eat any food that the fans send." Bill reviewed it over in his head, now a little skeptical to eat the candy.

Eventually, Bill shook off that thought, picking up one of the gummy candies. Ah, what could happen… Bill thought, smirking at the thought of anything happening. What were the chances that there was something wrong with these candies? He popped the candy in his mouth and began to chew.

With that, Bill's eyes lit up. It was absolutely the best candy he ever had. As a result, Bill began to stuff more of the delicious candy in his mouth, chewing frantically. It almost seemed as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. They were just too good; he couldn't have just one.

But, as he ate excitedly, a warm feeling spread across his body. He even began to feel bloated. Bill shook this off and continued to eat. Probably just getting full… Bill thought, chewing madly.

However, something finally made him stop; the feeling of his boxer shorts shrinking and his thighs moving slowly across the couch. He looked down towards his boxers, and what he saw caused him to gasp in horror.

His thighs, stomach and behind were getting bigger. He dropped the box full of candy on the floor in terror. He poked his swelling thighs with one of his shaking fingers, and to his surprise, it felt soft.

He watched in sheer panic as his stomach pooled into his lap. He froze in terror, unable to believe what was happening. Tears welled up in his eyes as he watched his once thin body fill up with fat. Bill stood up from the shock and frantically looked around at himself, his fat body jiggling from the sudden movement.

On the sides of his stomach, rolls began to form. The once slightly baggy shirt was now becoming tight on his accumulating form. He sobbed loudly; the diets, the exercise - now wasted in a few short moments.

Suddenly, he heard a tearing noise. He look at his behind to see that it had become so full of fat that it was now tearing his boxer shorts. He almost screamed at this sight. "I-I have to be dreaming… I just have to!" Bill sobbed.

Bill closed his eyes and continued to weep, bringing his hands to his face. He could not bear to see what his body was becoming. It was just too much for him. As he sobbed into his hands, he could feel his boxers continue to tear. His shirt was now becoming uncomfortably tight, and he was sure that it would be next to tear. He was sure that in the next coming seconds, his boxer shorts would snap off and his shirt would start to split, but, just as quickly as it had started, it stopped.

He waited, wondering if it was really over. Bill slowly brought his trembling hands down from his face. He looked at himself, still curious to see if the gaining had stopped. As soon as he was sure, he turned around with some difficulty and ran towards his room, interested to see his new body. It was somewhat hard to walk, as the sudden weight gain had changed his center of balance. The new weight also pulled him down a bit, and it would take a while to get used to, but right now, Bill didn't care.

He bolted into his bedroom, breathing loudly from both panic and struggle. For a second, he reluctantly stood away from the large mirror, not wanting to see himself. But eventually, he brought himself to see what he had become.

He closed his eyes and turned towards the mirror. He counted back from ten and opened his eyes. As he opened his eyes, he gasped loudly at the reflection.

He must have gained at least 150 pounds, if not more. Tears streamed down his face as he choked back sobs. He placed his hands on his rolls, squeezing them. His cheeks looked just as they had when he had eaten sausages everyday. He couldn't believe what had happened; this was impossible. No one could gain this much weight in so little time. It was just absurd to think that it was probable.  

"W-what were in those candies…?!" Bill thought, unable to get the words out from his exorbitant sobbing. A thousand thoughts were running through his mind. What would fans think? Would his manager force him on a crash diet? What would the press say about him? He knew what would happen: they'd all consider him ugly. They'd wonder how such a thing could happen. Maybe he'd even be experimented on by doctors to see what was wrong with him.
As these thoughts continued to accelerate in his mind, he grew frustrated. He walked over the wall adjacent to him and hit his fist against it loudly. He leaned his head on the wall, weeping loudly. He realized how much he would have to change now; he would have to schedule intense work outs, hire a personal trainer, go on a diet, and even replace all of his clothes until he lost the weight.

"Shit, shit, shit! Why?!" Bill said loudly, banging his head against the wall. He slowly slumped down, whimpering and sniveling quite noisily. He finally descended onto his hands and knees, his tears falling from his face and onto the floor. He lifted one of his hands and placed it onto his substantial belly, which was touching the floor from his position. It was all too much for him to handle…this was something that he just couldn't accept, something that he thought and hoped would never happen.

He continued to lament over his new large form, until something caught his attention: the sound of the front door opening. Along with those noises, he could hear Tom, Georg and Gustav talking and laughing amongst themselves. His eyes shot open in shock; he couldn't let anyone see him; he looked absolutely awful! His eyes darted around the room in a panic, looking for a hiding spot. As he searched, his breathing accelerated and he broke out into a sweat.

He kept looking around for a spot to conceal himself, but it was much too late. He could hear the door knob turning with the voices of his band mates coming from behind. The door clicked loudly as it opened, causing tears to form in Bill's eyes. Bill could just stare blankly at the door in fear, sitting in the same spot on the floor as it flew open.

As Bill watched the door burst open, he could only think with regret of the warning Saki had given them: the words that he should have listened to earlier - "Never eat any food that the fans send."
WARNING! Weight Gain ahead. Don't like? Don't read.

The idea for this came to me at random one day; I really have no idea how it came. But still, Chubby!Bill is adorable.

Plus, I know that this hasn't been done before, so I decided to...'spice things up' a bit. ;)

If you favorite, please be kind and leave a comment!~

Tokio Hotel belongs to themselves.
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